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Living In A World Of Question Marks

Sheryl's Crush presents:
Living in a World of Question Marks
by McDonald

We released the debut song cycle of singles by Sheryl's Crush (McDonald Keith aka Keith McDonald): Living in a World of Question Marks.

A cross between rock, folk and the "singer-songwriter" genre - the music informs the lyrics just as much as the lyrics inform the music. Or is it the other way around?

This ain't typical or current or trendy or easy to place except to ask you to go a little deeper than you might want to go on a casual listen. If you commit, there are rewards of word play and mind games that shouldn't disappoint - unless you allow them to disappoint. But why do that?

Have a listen ...


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Sheryl's Crush hails from Toronto, Canada - the city that greets you with folded arms.

Keith McDonald authored the material, plays the instruments (or worked loops for what he couldn't play) and is the root cause of all the voices you hear living and dead. Blame him if you must. 

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